Not everyone is fan, but a moccasin-style shoe is something I’ve been after for some time. It’s not a style that retailers get right for men so I’ve gone without. Until now. Seen on the feet of John Mayer (who seems to be their unofficial spokesman) and Kanye West, these Visvim FBT Elks are definitely on my list. Perhaps just not the white ones. Or are they, I can’t decide.



On a tour of Kanye West’s style diary in mid to late 2013 you would definitely see him rocking every available colour and variation from the collection. He might be a bit of a nob sometimes but the guy has got style. While the suede version are pretty great, we’re here today because of the new Visvim FBT Elk variety.

Available in white, black, tan and brown, these come with knotted leather tassels and moccasin stitching. The fringe is removable if you’re not feeling too daring but still want extremely comfortable shoes. You can get them here.

MG_0068 MG_0004 vsivim-fbt-elk-1 MG_0098 MG_0085Image source – NiceKicks

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I do love a good export story. In the second part of ‘Know Your Designer‘ I bring to you Albertus Swanepoel. Born and raised in Pretoria, he began his career as a fine arts graduate turned fashion designer in South Africa before moving to the United States in 1989 with his then wife, Shaneen Huxham. For a time he constructed hats for Broadway shows like Mama Mia! and Shrek, and designed accessories, which lead him to supply Bergdorf Goodman with hand-embellished gloves as a matter of survival after a sportswear company let him go. That’s when he started work on a more summer-friendly means of income, hats, and he hasn’t looked back since.


From his 2009 interview in W magazine, Swanepoel had this to say of his upbringing:

“I was very shielded,”” he says, fidgeting with a clasp on his watch. He didn’t set eyes on a fashion magazine until he was 17, and while he prefers to keep the details of his upbringing off the record, it suffices to say his youth was bound by many rules. “I think that’s why, really, I ended up in fashion,” he says. After majoring in fine arts (to the chagrin of his parents) at the local university, Swanepoel launched a successful ready-to-wear line, Quartus Manna, in Johannesburg. “I think that repression…gives you this added drive to create beautiful things,” he explains. “Everything else might be so miserable that it’s some kind of escape.”

Today Swanepoel is gaining mainstream success with men, appearing in men’s fashion magazines like GQ and Essential Homme and appearing on the heads of young style-influencers like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, particularly the Tahoma hat. Shop the Albert Swanepoel range at Barney’s here.


Photograph by Tony Floyd, via W. Jaden’s photograph from GQ, Justin’s photograph unknown.

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If you haven’t been able to get your hands on adidas’ Yeezy Boost 350’s or you have them and you like to accessorise, then you’ll enjoy this. Kickstarter have released an iPhone case which perfectly matches the most coveted sneakers for 2015. Available in dark and light grey, these Yeezy Boost 350 “style” phone cases are not officially from the range Kanye collaborated on, but I’m sure you don’t care.

Personally I don’t care for the 750 high-top style, but these 350s are definitely up my alley. Rumour has it adidas will reveal the latest in the hugely sought-after range as early as next week. Beluga, tan… which are you hoping to be unveiled next?

Find them at Kickposters here.

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Family man, actor and occasional model, Matthew McConaughey has been the front-man for Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance ‘The One’ since 2008. Now on it’s third leg, Dolce & Gabbana invited McConaughey back in studio to take his place as ambassador to the brand.

the_one_dolce_gabbanaPhotographed by Brigitte Lacombe, the latest fragrance ad features two of his children, Vida and Levi, alongside their famous father, each one looking as if they belong in any of the other Sicilian family-themed advertisements we’ve seen of late. In the latest update to ‘The One’ we have a deeper fragrance in time for winter if you’re stateside, with top notes of grapefruit, coriander and basil and a base of tobacco, ambery notes and cedar-wood. Ginger, Cardamom and orange blossom finish off the fragrance.

I’m personally a fan of the original (I’m wearing it right now!) so I look forward to giving this new addition a try.


Image via thefashionisto.

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Look, I’m all about living outside of the box. Who needs restrictions about what you can do with your life, just look at James Franco. Lenny Kravitz went from rockstar to actor with a lot of producing and songwriting in between, and now he’s ventured into the world of design collaboration; not all that surprising since creative people tend to be creative in multiple fields.

His newest endeavour with CB2, aptly named The CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, features a pretty great range of individual pieces of ’70s inspired style, influenced by Kravitz’ extensive travels. Now you may not know this, but Lenny Kravitz founded Kravitz Design in 2003.

Lenny_Kravitz_0 Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Bousaf-Side-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Catru-Pedestal-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Console Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Rug Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Lola-Table-Lamp Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Topanga-Corner-Bar Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Ya-Ya-Coffee-Table

For his debut into the design world, the Kravitz Design collection is exactly as he says, “super relaxed, super comfortable… it’s about people hanging out together”, featuring tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, pillows and more. Designed with high-quality materials, which obviously included leather, there is definite synergy between Lenny Kravitz the rockstar and now design collaborator. Other materials include wood and reflective metal to allow for sophistication and bohemian to marry seamlessly.


Shop the CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, some of which even made it into Kravitz’ own home, here. If you have loose change to throw around they also ship to South Africa.

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New York. What can I say about the old girl other than I can’t think of another place I’d like to hang my hat. Set against music from The Cinematic Orchestra, entitled Transformation, The New York Project is a gorgeous film by Pavel Tenyakov. It gives us a perfect look at one of the greatest cities in the world from all its famous corners and I implore you to give it a watch.

From the architecture of famous buildings to floods of people in Times Square to the glittering sky line atop the Empire state Building, Tenyakov uses time-lapse photography among other techniques to capture New York in all its glory. Do you have a favourite?


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Adam Levine revealed his latest look on ‘The Voice’ this week, trying to out-“do” David Beckham, presumably. While it’s marginally irritating that he actually gets away with it, you do have to wonder, why would you do that? He has a full head of beautiful, healthy hair. Millions of men are losing, or have lost their hair. They are getting technical haircuts to cover up their widows peaks, going for laser therapy, paying thousands for invasive hair transplants or even resorting to getting modern toupées glued to their shiny, naked heads.


Why do men with a full head of hair shave their heads to begin with? Even my brother, who has no thinning or balding compared to the other men in his family, shaved his head willingly for years. I felt it a waste. The kicker is these men always look great with or without hair, and let’s be real, we’re not all Jason Statham. We get to be the Vincent Kartheiser’s of the world, who ironically only looked this way for ‘Mad Men’ for Pete’s sake. See what I did there?


Obviously an uproar ensued on social media regarding Adam’s decision to bare it all, beginning with his co-judges on ‘The Voice’ who give him a hard time, calling him Gandhi and Lex Luther. It’s no wonder bald and balding men face such stigma. I don’t want to get all Oprah about it, but what is a man supposed to do about balding? Sure, some women don’t mind a guy who has lost his hair, but not all of them. Our hyper-sexualised and superficial world has made it impossible for most men to feel good about themselves in the absence of hair. The question is, how important is it in the grander scheme of things, and yet why is it so debilitating for men? Is the value of good looks too high and the emphasis on man’s other great qualities too low?


Images from Huffington Post and The Voice.

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Homepolish, a New York based blog which features the interior design work from the company of the same name, offers a tremendous amount of their beautiful and inspiring work from all over the United States. This particular series of images makes up for only one of thousands of jobs Homepolish has taken on. Their affordable by-the-hour service boasts 300+ designers, plus they’ve worked on revamps for Manrepellar HQ and Goop thinks they’re “rad and disruptive”.

This home caught my attention because blue is a fantastic colour and they’ve used it very well. Shot by Claire Esparros, this Brooklyn 3 bedroom home (owned by Ryan and Jenna) is the perfect mix of colourful and quirky and who doesn’t love a turquoise couch? My favourite element of the house though is the hand-embroidered Kanye West tweet. Oh boy, can I live here already?




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Amanda Harlech is a writer and creative consultant who is closely linked to couturiers John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld as their respective muses. Now, one of the fashion industry’s leading authorities is starring in a short film for Fendi, wearing menswear pieces from autumn/winter 2015 to no doubt respond to fashion’s obvious fluidity today.

Set against the Capalbio countryside in Tuscany, this film was directed by Patrick Kinmonth and Antonio Monfreda, with a mustached Lady Harlech in workwear shirts, patchwork suiting and oversized fisherman sweater as she rows a boat. Watch the film below.


Pictures from: Stuart C. Wilson, and

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You know how people used to ask, If you were stranded on a desert island, what one album would you choose to take with you? Well, first I would ask about electricity and whether or not there’d be access to alcohol, but I’ll play along. There are very few bands I could listen to for the rest of my life without hearing anyone else again. Besides Band of Horses and maybe a classical compilation album, I think I could go for The Paper Kites.


The album was recorded over a six week period, specifically between the hours of 12 and 4am, which is where the name of the album came from. The video for ‘Electric Indigo’, as well as all videos to follow from the album will be shot between these same hours. Naturally the album captures the magic that lives between those hours. This band is the perfect mix of modern nostalgia with an 80s soft rock feel. I can’t get enough of their music. Now with a new album entitled twelvefour, I wanted to share their single ‘Electric Indigo’ which is a favourite of mine off the album. These guys are just so insanely talented. I really hope to see them live soon.

Give it a listen below and let me know what you think. Do you love it?

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Based in Manhattan, Furnish Green is a vintage furniture store in New York worth checking out. They specialise in unique vintage and antique pieces with the philosophy to “provide creative local consumers with unique, well-made, long-lasting and reasonably priced pieces of furniture so that they can design their own spaces in a meaningful way.”

They shoot everything in a quirky throwback style against a blue wall and run a blog that shows you all the ways to incorporate their furniture into your home with very vintage styling. If you’re into more of a modern decor setting their pieces can still work well as separates. They sell everything from seating to accents to lighting and storage.

products_comp casey_debois IMG_1463 IMG_9646 nathan_hescock

Images from

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Who is Alexander McQueen?
Who are any of these designers and why are they important? In the first of Man of the Cloth’s latest series ‘Know Your Designer’, I’ll be working through the phone book to help you understand who a designer or brand is in summary. Think of it as your CliffsNotes for men’s fashion. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of the designer you love or merely as a conversation starter, Know Your Designer will help.



Born in 1969, Lee McQueen was a British fashion designer and couturier who experienced success straight out of school. His career started in Savile Row, then on to theatrical costume design for Angels and Bermans. After getting his master’s degree from  Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, his work got noticed (and purchased entirely) by Isbella Blow, who convinced him of a name change. In ’96 he was appointed head designer of Givenchy while continuing with his own label on a more scandalous level. His contract ended in 2001 which was when McQueen really started to thrive creatively.

In 2004 he started his menswear label. Before committing suicide after his mother’s death in 2010 he earned the British Fashion Council’s British Designer of the Year award four times, and was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire. After his death his long-time assistant Sarah Burton took on the role of Creative Director for the brand.



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