With the holidays in full swing it makes sense that we need to be thinking about Christmas wish lists and what to buy the guy that has it all. I went to TopMan in Sandton and chose two themed wish lists, one for the preppy guy and one who favours a more sporty look. The selection is pretty great and the styles varied, so you will have no problem picking something out for you or someone special.

I don’t overthink the December season with its sweltering heat and festivities. T-shirts and shorts go a long way and still have me looking and feeling great. TopMan has plenty of awesome new swimwear in-stock!

Since the holiday season calls for new threads I’m going to help you get some. A R500 TopMan voucher could be yours, and all you need to do is this:

Follow me on then tweet me using the hashtag #TopManHolidaySA and tell me which item from these two wish lists you wouldn’t mind owning for yourself. It’s that simple. Competition closes Thursday 18th December 2014! 



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the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, JohannesburgSandton City, known for its vast array of menswear, from luxury retail brands to the high-street variety, recently saw the opening of the Fabiani Cafe. Shot by Blake Woodhams , the beautiful interior answers that old question once and for all: Where are all the menswear boutiques? There was a time when a menswear store offered a selection of pointy leather shoes for a seemingly Central African market, ill-fitting short-sleeved shirts and polyester suiting.

I’m proud and relieved to say that is no longer the case. Fabiani’s Designer, Nat Iqani agrees, “There is far more choice in the market now. With brand’s pushing to consistently increase their online presence and international operators pouring into the country, men now are becoming more selective, but in the same breath they are also buying more because they are in the know.”

From Fabiani merchandise to Happy Socks to the ever popular G-Star, you officially have no more excuses. As you may not know Fabiani was recently bought over by the Foschini Group (which means you can always charge it) but Arie Fabian still lends his expertise as Brand Director.

What do you think about the store layout? I could very, very happily own the commissioned Chesterfield myself.

the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, Johannesburg the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, Johannesburg the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, Johannesburg the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, Johannesburg the Fabiani Cafe, Sandton City, Johannesburg

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Here is a fun and easy way to show you how to wear double denim. Six years ago, on my 24th birthday, I wore this cranberry Paul Smith jumper. It was my favourite item hands down. Sadly we can’t wear the same thing over and over again without it losing its allure. I bring it out on cold days from time to time and it always keeps me feeling good. I use this as the main player in the ensemble, it brings all the focus to itself and allows the denim to sit well together. Then I threw on some tan leather veldskoene to go with the jumper. Not an overly dramatic look, but another example of how you can wear double denim comfortably. The jeans are GAP 1969 Skinny jeans. They are probably my favourite pair of raw denim I’ve ever owned. So comfortable and they haven’t lost their colour in all the months I’ve worn them.


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IMG_6929Few of you know this but I work in advertising. I spend a fair deal of my time at a desk and rarely enjoy clothing like shorts and t-shirts. Recently I went to Mozambique with a group of friends for a much-needed holiday, it was the lightest I’ve ever traveled. I stopped by TopMan to see their brand new collection and stocked up on some awesome swimwear and t-shirts for my holiday. You may recall I used to live in Italian brogues and I swear, ten days in my TopMan swimmers ensured I was not only tanned, but convinced me that this simpler lifestyle suited me pretty well. Inspired by palm trees and the local rum, I took to Tofo village and have a couple images to show you a couple items I picked up from TopMan in Sandton. Just check out my dynamic lean-pose to see how good I felt in their gear.

What continues to impress me is that Topshop and TopMan continue to deliver high quality fashion that is replenished often, up to date and reasonably priced. Fashion shouldn’t be inaccessible; it is not some exclusive club. If you’re not as put together as you’d like, there are virtually enough styles to suit every man. Plus, you can consult any of the trendy staff members for help. I recall my days as a shoppy and I thought we dressed up, we had nothing on the guys and girls at Topshop and TopMan.

IMG_6906IMG_6934IMG_6905Visit them on social media too:

  Twitter: @Topman_SA

Instagram: topmansouthafrica

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levis-live-in-levis-campaign-1This is how I Live in Levi’s. These are the words that describe the media campaign from the world’s most iconic jeans wear brand, Levi’s. No surprises, the Live In Levi’s campaign is making waves throughout the internet. It’s a digital campaign which encourages fans to share their Live in Levi’s moments on social media. For the video shoot they chose to feature a host of notable cool-kids from all over the world like, colette social media manager Sandrine Tonye, dancer Zhu Jiejingi-D Magazine editor Julia Sarr-Jamois, Philippe Zda of musical duo Cassius and Himm Wonn of Urban Magazine. They’re all wearing (naturally) a lot of awesome clothing from Levi’s denim jeans range.

There is a full-length clip available from Levi’s YouTube channel, but you can watch a shorter preview of the coinciding documentary-style film below.

levis-live-in-levis-campaign-9 levis-live-in-levis-campaign-4 levis-live-in-levis-campaign-3How do you Live in Levi’s? Send in your pics and if they’re awesome I’ll feature them here on Man of the Cloth.

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MARCORIEKSTINS1 A lot of people have asked me how to wear double denim over the years. Up until recently I had pretty much worn my share of denim shirting, as for the lower half I probably own 30 pairs, but a denim jacket? Never. I got myself a denim jacket to challenge myself since this isn’t ordinarily what I would wear. This made me decide to do a three-parter on how to wear double denim, hopefully they help a little in showing how you could do it too.

For this I threw together a very similar palate of blues, but the shades allow it to look un-contrived (hopefully). The fold-up on both the jeans and the jacket work to separate the blues, the white brings the eye down and connects with these blues and helps the tones work cohesively. For a more commercial take, there’s no reason you can’t wear a more colourful or patterned shirt underneath, and with a thinner denim jacket you could even layer it under a leather jacket.  The jeans are 1969 skinny jeans from Gap and fit super well. My trick to wearing skinny jeans so that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard is to go up a size or two, this way you retain the style without comprising your groin or dignity. Click the image for a closer look.

For more style concerns, email marco @ or comment below and watch this space for more!

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The Richard Heines print collaboration with Dries Van Noten is one of my favourites details about fashion week. Haines has always considered himself an artist, more than the fashion illustrator he has come to be known as. From 2008 his blog What I Saw Today worked as visual diary for the street style and models he witnessed in New York and fashion week around the globe. Because of his signature style it was easy to spot a Richard Heines drawing versus the others that appeared online, people (including me) were desperate to have their own style immortalised. DRIES3

Fashion design is not exactly a departure for Richard, who started out as a designer for Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein. For spring/summer 2015, Dries Van Noten unveiled a gorgeous collection inspired by Richard Nureyev, and the ballet for which the former is famous. Richard very graciously answered a few questions about the collection for Man of the Cloth exclusively below.

driesHow did the Dries collaboration come about? Furthermore, what can you tell us about the conceptualisation process? 

The people from Dries had contacted me originally a few years ago when they began work on the book to correspond with his exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. They decided not to go with illustration, and said they would contact me again when a new project surfaced. Then a few months ago they reached out and asked me if I wanted to collaborate on prints for the s/s15 men’s collection – of course I was thrilled. Dries and I met once when he was here in New York and he shared the initial concept, then I spent a week in Antwerp working with him and his team and we really got down to the details of the collection. It was a wonderful process working with him and his team, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Menswear has certainly broken its boundaries over the past few years. Where do you see it going next, especially with print and colour being major players right now.

Whoa, that’s a big question. Menswear is changing and evolving as men change and evolve and their habits of shopping change with them. I think with the Internet men have learned to be more creative about  how to put themselves together, how to be creative, and how powerful the art of dressing is. I don’t see that reversing any time soon.
Any plans to collaborate on this level in the future?
I’m super discreet and never reveal the work I’m doing until the people I’m working with want it released. So, I never kiss and tell…
Images from Richard Haines and
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sports luxe menswear trendsSpring/summer 2015 offers sports luxe menswear trends that have no desire to stay on the bench. At its height in 2012, sports luxe is one of those trends that can honestly live happily in any decade. Calvin Klein took a subtle and certainly more luxurious approach to these sports luxe menswear trends, while John Richmond went quite literal with mesh, player numbers and the kind-of-but-not-really reinvention of the raglan, with patterned sleeves.

Dries Van Noten incorporated elegant ballet elements (inspired by Rudolf Nureyev, which you can catch more details to come) into sports luxe collection. These beautifully made and thought-out pieces definitely set Dries Van Noten apart here.

Do you think sports luxe has a place in fashion? If so, how would you incorporate it into your own style?

sports luxe menswear trendsImages via

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vuitton-028Okay Maverick, if you’ve been waiting since the 80s to get back into your jumpsuits, spring/summer 2015 menswear has some good news for you. There are plenty of examples to indicate a rising trend for jumpsuits for men this season. In fact, exactly a year ago today, GQ said jumpsuits were coming back but only now are we seeing it on the runway as well as off. I’ve seen it a few times on while scrolling through Pinterest and figured it was solely for die-hard  but the evidence is clear… we have a rising trend on our hands. Is it for the love of minimalism or perhaps men want the ease women get to enjoy with a dress?

Men have been increasingly daring when it comes to the one-piece, if you consider that onesies are still a thing and more and more people are experimenting with dungarees. Dickies makes classic worker-wear overalls and dungarees for middle-America, but these are not the kind appearing on the streets of Milan during fashion week. If you want to get this look right, think of it as separates by accessorizing as you see fit. Exposed chests seem to be working for Roberto Cavalli, but rolled up, bagged or draped are all options, as seen below.

There are a few variations to choose from, such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and his work-wear approach to Versace (above) who have gone for a more formal, if not glammy aesthetic. Which, if any, of the jumpsuits for spring/summer 2015 do you fancy? More importantly, would you even consider this as a viable trend for 2015?

jumpsuits2015Images via

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psPaul Smith teamed up with Anglepoise to reinvent the classic 1930s Type75 table lamp. The limited edition piece combines the unmistakable form and function of an Anglepoise lamp with the Britain’s most famous signature (that of Sir Paul Smith) and features fun opposing retro colour pieces. Perfect for most decor styling, I myself would love to have this lamp.

If you have to have it, email to be notified when the lamp is available.



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Bold suits reigned as far as spring/summer 2015 menswear trends are concerned, and let me tell you: subtlety is not your friend. A large selection of the latest bold suiting offers bright, beautiful and far from boring new palates into your life.  Even the more demure tones showed great detailing and character to set this season apart. Etro offers a nod to 1920s suiting with less fitted trousers, Maison Martin Margiela attempts to takes sheen to a new level (hopefully not encouraging  Matric dance suit revival) and of course, Marc Jacobs owns a rich pastel palate for 2015, although to be fair only last year we saw very similar suits in what was deemed his Elvis collection.

Versace nipped in the tailoring a little more this season, Donatella admitted that Cuba as a main theme, with its relaxed holiday suiting paired with loafers.

What an exciting time to be a man. With these and other bold suits for 2015, there won’t be many lesser-dressed men left in the world by the next decade. Which of these bold suits are your favourites?

2015 BOLD SUITSImages via

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1For spring summer 2015 you’d expect a sandal here and there from men’s fashion week. It did more than that, it was one of the dominating trends. There were strappy Grecian sandals, beautifully crafted criss-crosses, neon-soled, even sporty versions of the dad sandal.

The question is: with men’s fashion far from the sober offering of yester-year, will men finally embrace the sandal in 2015? Comment below if any of these styles appeal to you.

2Images from WWD


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