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The Richard Heines print collaboration with Dries Van Noten is one of my favourites details about fashion week. Haines has always considered himself an artist, more than the fashion illustrator he has come to be known as. From 2008 his blog What I Saw Today worked as visual diary for the street style and models he witnessed in New York and fashion week around the globe. Because of his signature style it was easy to spot a Richard Heines drawing versus the others that appeared online, people (including me) were desperate to have their own style immortalised. DRIES3

Fashion design is not exactly a departure for Richard, who started out as a designer for Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein. For spring/summer 2015, Dries Van Noten unveiled a gorgeous collection inspired by Richard Nureyev, and the ballet for which the former is famous. Richard very graciously answered a few questions about the collection for Man of the Cloth exclusively below.

driesHow did the Dries collaboration come about? Furthermore, what can you tell us about the conceptualisation process? 

The people from Dries had contacted me originally a few years ago when they began work on the book to correspond with his exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. They decided not to go with illustration, and said they would contact me again when a new project surfaced. Then a few months ago they reached out and asked me if I wanted to collaborate on prints for the s/s15 men’s collection – of course I was thrilled. Dries and I met once when he was here in New York and he shared the initial concept, then I spent a week in Antwerp working with him and his team and we really got down to the details of the collection. It was a wonderful process working with him and his team, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Menswear has certainly broken its boundaries over the past few years. Where do you see it going next, especially with print and colour being major players right now.

Whoa, that’s a big question. Menswear is changing and evolving as men change and evolve and their habits of shopping change with them. I think with the Internet men have learned to be more creative about  how to put themselves together, how to be creative, and how powerful the art of dressing is. I don’t see that reversing any time soon.
Any plans to collaborate on this level in the future?
I’m super discreet and never reveal the work I’m doing until the people I’m working with want it released. So, I never kiss and tell…
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America is as much my home as sunny, sunny South Africa. I have been fortunate enough to visit many times and have seen quite a good portion over the years. My brothers are married to American women and have children who talk in funny American accents, which is weird. Instead of trekking to Cape Town for my December holiday’s I opted for a white Christmas in the mid-west to be with my family. It was the most wonderful two weeks I could have imagined and to top it off I planned a little trip to New york for a week with André, my Brooklyn host who took the best care of me. These are some of the things that I saw minus the family-photo’s I can’t imagine you’d be interested in seeing. You’ll note this post is devoid of fashion-y selfies, followed by instgram pics of new clothes on my white bed sheets. This is my vacation, my holiday, my geddaway, point and shoot style. All the images were snapped with my iPhone 5 and rendered with Afterlight thanks to Miss Moss‘ recommendation on her own travels to New York City.

Now, I’m a summer-in-December kind of guy, I had never seen snow. My brother snapped a photo of me experiencing “snow” for the first time but let me tell you, New York had another thing coming. Just watch as it progressed. It was, without a doubt, the coldest I’ve experienced in my life. And it was wonderful.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.08.24 PMkysnowafterlightChristmas in Florence, Kentucky


Steak dinner at Jags, Cincinnati, Ohio

chuys2 chuys

Best Mexican in the mid-west – Chuy’s Mexican Restaurantburger22The best burger in America debate: 5 Guys or Shake Shack, NYC?

tousey TOUSEYfoodHands down the best meal I have ever experienced in America. This is the breakfast brown, and it comes highly recommended from the Tousey House, Burlington, Kentucky

nye2 nyeA  very, very drunked end to 2013 at Obscura, Cincinnati followed by an early, horrible, early flight to New York


afterlightshanghai dimsumCrazy good dinner at Shanghai Cafe Deluxe in China Town

her angels wallyFound Wally.


bkbridge bkbridge2 skyWalking the Brooklyn bridge in a snow storm

carriemesnowcity Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.11.53 PMskylineheadrich2richMet with the wonderful, talented and modest Richard Haines just before he jetted off to Milan fashion week

menScreen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.09.16 PMCarson Street Clothiers (above) What Goes Around, Comes Around (Below)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.07.27 PM

shakelibraryOne last stop at the Shake Shack in Manhattan followed by a long, hard look at the New York City public library, then home.

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French born artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme is one of those quirky characters that make for great entertainment. In his blog medium Delhomme explores his writing side by telling us about fashionable and cultural events he attends but is not necessarily invited to. The Unknown Hipster blog started in April 2009, and is followed by the book, “The Unknown Hispter Diaries” which was published by August Editions Editions this past November.

I won’t be able to articulate how wonderful his work is, so go take a look at his blog yourself, but make sure to go way back and work your way forward. His paintings and drawings remind me of the wonderful Richard Haines’ blog that I previously mentioned here, but because of it’s humorous nature it somehow stands firmly (and confidently) alone. Check it out here.

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I’m not joking when I tell you I spent an entire weekend immersed in the images on this blog. is officially my new favorite site and it is filled to the brim with amazing decor by some fascinating folks in New York. Can you imagine getting an intimate showing of your favorite blogger/artist/designer/writers home? We may not be seeing the inside of Tom Ford’s house just yet, but people like Richard Haines here are a good example. The website basically comes into their homes for an afternoon snapping beautiful images of the homeowner(s). Couples, singles, families, it’s all mixed. While I am an obvious fan of fashion I would also say I love the personal style of decor and how your personality can be read by the tables, lamps or artwork you choose for your home. Having just moved to a beautiful home in Parkhurst, Johannesburg I am finding ways to fill it with inspiring ‘stuff’ like you will see in this blog.

As for Richard Haines, he is the famous illustrater/artist/blogger from What I Saw Today, where he draws awesome pictures of models, strangers and runway looks and shares it on his blog. Take a look at his sublet apartment below and make sure to visit An Afternoon With for a dose of inspiration. 

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