Family man, actor and occasional model, Matthew McConaughey has been the front-man for Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance ‘The One’ since 2008. Now on it’s third leg, Dolce & Gabbana invited McConaughey back in studio to take his place as ambassador to the brand.

the_one_dolce_gabbanaPhotographed by Brigitte Lacombe, the latest fragrance ad features two of his children, Vida and Levi, alongside their famous father, each one looking as if they belong in any of the other Sicilian family-themed advertisements we’ve seen of late. In the latest update to ‘The One’ we have a deeper fragrance in time for winter if you’re stateside, with top notes of grapefruit, coriander and basil and a base of tobacco, ambery notes and cedar-wood. Ginger, Cardamom and orange blossom finish off the fragrance.

I’m personally a fan of the original (I’m wearing it right now!) so I look forward to giving this new addition a try.


Image via thefashionisto.

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Look, I’m all about living outside of the box. Who needs restrictions about what you can do with your life, just look at James Franco. Lenny Kravitz went from rockstar to actor with a lot of producing and songwriting in between, and now he’s ventured into the world of design collaboration; not all that surprising since creative people tend to be creative in multiple fields.

His newest endeavour with CB2, aptly named The CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, features a pretty great range of individual pieces of ’70s inspired style, influenced by Kravitz’ extensive travels. Now you may not know this, but Lenny Kravitz founded Kravitz Design in 2003.

Lenny_Kravitz_0 Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Bousaf-Side-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Catru-Pedestal-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Console Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Rug Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Lola-Table-Lamp Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Topanga-Corner-Bar Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Ya-Ya-Coffee-Table

For his debut into the design world, the Kravitz Design collection is exactly as he says, “super relaxed, super comfortable… it’s about people hanging out together”, featuring tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, pillows and more. Designed with high-quality materials, which obviously included leather, there is definite synergy between Lenny Kravitz the rockstar and now design collaborator. Other materials include wood and reflective metal to allow for sophistication and bohemian to marry seamlessly.


Shop the CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, some of which even made it into Kravitz’ own home, here. If you have loose change to throw around they also ship to South Africa.

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Adam Levine revealed his latest look on ‘The Voice’ this week, trying to out-“do” David Beckham, presumably. While it’s marginally irritating that he actually gets away with it, you do have to wonder, why would you do that? He has a full head of beautiful, healthy hair. Millions of men are losing, or have lost their hair. They are getting technical haircuts to cover up their widows peaks, going for laser therapy, paying thousands for invasive hair transplants or even resorting to getting modern toupées glued to their shiny, naked heads.


Why do men with a full head of hair shave their heads to begin with? Even my brother, who has no thinning or balding compared to the other men in his family, shaved his head willingly for years. I felt it a waste. The kicker is these men always look great with or without hair, and let’s be real, we’re not all Jason Statham. We get to be the Vincent Kartheiser’s of the world, who ironically only looked this way for ‘Mad Men’ for Pete’s sake. See what I did there?


Obviously an uproar ensued on social media regarding Adam’s decision to bare it all, beginning with his co-judges on ‘The Voice’ who give him a hard time, calling him Gandhi and Lex Luther. It’s no wonder bald and balding men face such stigma. I don’t want to get all Oprah about it, but what is a man supposed to do about balding? Sure, some women don’t mind a guy who has lost his hair, but not all of them. Our hyper-sexualised and superficial world has made it impossible for most men to feel good about themselves in the absence of hair. The question is, how important is it in the grander scheme of things, and yet why is it so debilitating for men? Is the value of good looks too high and the emphasis on man’s other great qualities too low?


Images from Huffington Post and The Voice.

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If you’ve ever tried to assemble an IKEA anything, you’ll understand why this video with Ryan Reynolds brings on the lolz. Since he’s on the cover of GQ this month talking about fame, Deadpool and being a father, it was quite fun that they gave him the task of assembling a crib. Even though in complete jest, it’s quite fun to watch. “IKEA is Swedish for Fuck You” See the video below and read the interview with Zach Baron here. It’s a good one.


rr rr2 rr3 rr4Photographs by for GQ.

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2Did you watch the Ellen DeGeneres Lip Sync Battle? Ellen was a clear winner with her rendition of Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money, but the winning didn’t stop there, I had my eye on her style too. You know, it’s not uncommon for women today to borrow from the boys and we are long passed the days of keeping to the rules; androgyny is nothing new. It’s time we took a page from Ellen’s book.

Dressed in a fantastic green pant suit with a buttoned up (but untucked) printed shirt and Chelsea boots, Ellen even showed up Justin Timberlake. I searched and searched and couldn’t find the maker of this fine suit (even though she’s worn it before here) but there are loads of alternatives available, just check Pinterest out to see what I mean.

1Who doesn’t love Ellen? Exactly. I’ve always loved her style and think she’s arrived at the perfect place of staying cool and keeping true to herself. Want this look? Simply put on your favourite slim-fit suit, swap out your plain shirt for a tonal and fun alternative and add either a Chelsea boot or a desert book. For a casual approach leave your shirt untucked or add a slick belt and tuck it in.

Image and video from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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raffertyGeorgia May Jagger, Riley Keough, Kimberly Stewart, Liv Tyler and a host of other celebrity offspring have taken their parents (or grandparents) fame and made a career for themselves in the modeling scene. It wasn’t all that surprising when Romeo Beckham started appearing in ads for Burberry last year and it’s no shocker that Rafferty Law joins the list too.

Sure, this is but a small start for the kid, but there are worse first jobs, I can attest to that. Seen here modeling for DKNY in London, 17 year-old Rafferty dons a black and white baseball shirt and his dad’s signature expression (he even carries the Law chin dimple). Young Law is signed to Select Model Management.

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1Not so long ago we revealed that Pharrell Williams was partnering with G-Star to release a capsule collection.’RAW for the Oceans‘ has arrived in time for fall/winter season in partnership with Bionic Yarn, the Vortex Project, Parley for the Oceans and then ultimately curated and faced by Pharrell Williams. The sustainable fashion collection will be in-store from September 2014. We preview a few pieces below but check out the full collection here.


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girlpharre copyHappy man Pharrell Williams has joined forces with Comme des Garçons. The new unisex fragrance, aptly named after the album Girlcomes after a series of collaborations between Skateboard P and major brands (Kartell, Moncler, Adidas). He told WWD he works with the masters because “it allows me a crash course into not only who they are as people, but into their art form, and their craft. So that’s pretty cool,”

The awesome bottle, logo and packaging was designed by House + Holme and features artwork by KAWS à la Spongebob. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Will you be smelling like Pharrell come September? You’ll find it sold for $135 at Dover Street Market London and then in most major retailers soon after, I’m sure.

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I’ll have what he’s wearing. Scott Speedman wore Tommy Hilfiger at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on Friday, May 16.

The former Ben Covington is commonly snapped wearing Hilfiger to events and I don’t blame him. What do you think, has Speedman graduated from scruffy to dapper? ???????????????????????????

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Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.30.24 PMPharrell Williams makes happy music and now he’s aiming to make a happy ocean. In partnership with GStar Raw, the singer is putting his name behind a great cause that turns ocean plastic waste into bionic yarn which then is made into denim you can buy. In short? Fuel their cause and more waste gets out of the oceans. I am very curious to see how these jeans look, but you can see the video below and a illustration of the fabric below. He says he’s just doing his part, but if this denim line takes off and others follow, it could be a very worthwhile cause. The line launches August 15th 2014.

o-BIONIC-570 Source: The Huffington Post

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David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-01 The new images for H&M Bodywear by David Beckham 2014 are in. The footballer is this time running about in his jocks with an industrial background because, well, who knows. It also introduces Becks’ newest tattoo that runs down his side.The campaign also features a short film directed Nicolas Winding Refn. You may know Refn for a little film he made called Drive with Ryan Gosling. Beckham did all his own stunts in the film, as Refn says, “It had to be David”. Since the campaign will only debut during the US Super Bowl on February 2nd 2014, you’ll have to be content with the images and behind the scenes video below, for now.

David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-02 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-03 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-04 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-05 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-06

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david-beckham-childrenswear-LFirst you cater for big boys, then for the little. At least that’s how David Beckham has chosen to go about it with his design tenure at H&M. The kids line, entitled ‘Mini-Me‘, will be launched on January 30th all over the world and acts as an extension of the popular Bodywear range Beckham revealed last year. You’ll be able to buy vests, long-johns and briefs for your boys by the most marketed footballer in history.

In other big H&M/David Beckham news, the football mogul will appear in the great Superbowl ad rotation, as seen my a mere 111 million viewers around the world. No biggy. It goes to show why it costs $4 million to advertise in a 30 second ad. But that is where it get’s interesting. Samsung smart TV owners will get access beyond the normal viewer. When the ad is showcased, they will have access to details about the Beckham products that aren’t available elsewhere, and on top of that get to purchase straight from their TV sets. February 2nd is Superbowl Sunday so get to it if you want in on this action. db-kids-embed_2786627a david-beckham-childrenswear-main

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