Look, I’m all about living outside of the box. Who needs restrictions about what you can do with your life, just look at James Franco. Lenny Kravitz went from rockstar to actor with a lot of producing and songwriting in between, and now he’s ventured into the world of design collaboration; not all that surprising since creative people tend to be creative in multiple fields.

His newest endeavour with CB2, aptly named The CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, features a pretty great range of individual pieces of ’70s inspired style, influenced by Kravitz’ extensive travels. Now you may not know this, but Lenny Kravitz founded Kravitz Design in 2003.

Lenny_Kravitz_0 Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Bousaf-Side-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Catru-Pedestal-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Console Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Rug Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Lola-Table-Lamp Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Topanga-Corner-Bar Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Ya-Ya-Coffee-Table

For his debut into the design world, the Kravitz Design collection is exactly as he says, “super relaxed, super comfortable… it’s about people hanging out together”, featuring tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, pillows and more. Designed with high-quality materials, which obviously included leather, there is definite synergy between Lenny Kravitz the rockstar and now design collaborator. Other materials include wood and reflective metal to allow for sophistication and bohemian to marry seamlessly.


Shop the CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, some of which even made it into Kravitz’ own home, here. If you have loose change to throw around they also ship to South Africa.

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Homepolish, a New York based blog which features the interior design work from the company of the same name, offers a tremendous amount of their beautiful and inspiring work from all over the United States. This particular series of images makes up for only one of thousands of jobs Homepolish has taken on. Their affordable by-the-hour service boasts 300+ designers, plus they’ve worked on revamps for Manrepellar HQ and Goop thinks they’re “rad and disruptive”.

This home caught my attention because blue is a fantastic colour and they’ve used it very well. Shot by Claire Esparros, this Brooklyn 3 bedroom home (owned by Ryan and Jenna) is the perfect mix of colourful and quirky and who doesn’t love a turquoise couch? My favourite element of the house though is the hand-embroidered Kanye West tweet. Oh boy, can I live here already?




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Based in Manhattan, Furnish Green is a vintage furniture store in New York worth checking out. They specialise in unique vintage and antique pieces with the philosophy to “provide creative local consumers with unique, well-made, long-lasting and reasonably priced pieces of furniture so that they can design their own spaces in a meaningful way.”

They shoot everything in a quirky throwback style against a blue wall and run a blog that shows you all the ways to incorporate their furniture into your home with very vintage styling. If you’re into more of a modern decor setting their pieces can still work well as separates. They sell everything from seating to accents to lighting and storage.

products_comp casey_debois IMG_1463 IMG_9646 nathan_hescock

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When I started decorating my first adult apartment three years ago I wasn’t necessarily earning adult money yet. I took to second-hand stores, charity shops and Gumtree to source vintage furniture that I could clean up. Don’t undertake the task of restoring lightly, it’s hard work. It was a very satisfying experience, but equally satisfying was purchasing some great vintage furniture someone else had cleaned up.

As blogged before, Modernist is a marvellous place to get mostly wooden-based mid-Century furniture in Johannesburg, but if you’re in the Cape, you’d best visit Vamp. This more quirky and colourful store has a fantastic range of vintage furniture at reasonable prices. There weekly newsletter makes me glad I don’t have space in my house though, otherwise I’d probably start to resemble their store, price tags and all.


They have virtually everything you could hope to find, from sideboards to chest of drawers, single chairs or whole sets. The best part of Vamp is they are available online, on their blog as well as Instagram account.

Located at 368c Albert Road, Woodstock in Cape Town. Contact Vamp on 021 448 2755 or

vamp1Images from Vamp’s blog and online store.

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chateau  gudanes  3How is this for a fixer-upper? Built in the mid 1700s, Chateau de Gudanes looks like the stuff out of romance novels; the real life story of an Australian family who decided to buy and renovate this property certainly would make a fantastic movie. Designed by Parisian architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, this Class 1 Historic Monument resides in the small village of Chateau-Verdun.

Craig and Karina Waters. Photo by Carla Coulson, at Carla Loves Photography. 

The story goes like this: The Chateau was built “on behalf of Louis Gaspard de Sales, Marquis de Gudanes. Gaspard, also known as the “King of the Pyrénées”, was an influential member of the Toulouse Parliament, and ironmaster of the Ariége.” Over many years in the time of the religious wars, Chateau de Gudanes suffered tremendous neglect. Among the many problem areas, the roof collapsed in four places which resulted in severe water damage, mould and destruction. It was said that most of the interior space became rubble due to the ceiling, wall and floor collapse.

While this was happening Craig and Karina Waters were happily going about their lives. Their son discovered the estate online and after four years on the real estate market, and two years negotiating, the Chateau found new owners. Restorations began in November 2013.

The idea is not to create a pretentious museum, as they put it, but rather “a place to visit, reconnect with the earth and people, and restore the senses. It won’t be about overcrowding the walls with paintings or overflowing the floors with furnishings, but will be relatively minimalistic – a place to simply rest, breathe and enjoy the calm.” Can you imagine the weddings they’ll be hosting there? Pretty magical if you ask me.

chateau gudanes 4 chateau gudanes 5What an amazing life experience to have? I’ve always had a fascination with the ruins and remains of once-great places. As a writer I’m obviously very drawn to this idea and perhaps in another life this would make a great chapter in my life.

Chateau+Gudanes+Carla+Coulson-59 feb6 IMG_9965+2

See the video of Chateau de Gudanes below and click here to see their amazing Instagram account.

Craig and Karina Waters. Photo by Carla Coulson, at Carla Loves Photography.

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If you’ve ever tried to assemble an IKEA anything, you’ll understand why this video with Ryan Reynolds brings on the lolz. Since he’s on the cover of GQ this month talking about fame, Deadpool and being a father, it was quite fun that they gave him the task of assembling a crib. Even though in complete jest, it’s quite fun to watch. “IKEA is Swedish for Fuck You” See the video below and read the interview with Zach Baron here. It’s a good one.


rr rr2 rr3 rr4Photographs by for GQ.

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Stokperd-Forever-Headboard-6Stokperd is a custom furniture store from Cape Town. Owned by Monya Eastman, each piece comes with its own name and story. Not only does Eastman offer beautifully made furniture, you can take those ideas of your ideal coffee table or shelf and get them to make it a reality in, 9 types of wood. From headboards to quirky side tables, retro cabinetry and desks, Stokperd really has a marvellous selection to choose from.

Visit the Stokperd online shop here to view recent projects and to make contact.

stokperd Stokperd_Fourie_SideTable11 Stokperd_Peggy-Oak_white-door-2 Stokperd_Peggy-Oak_white-door-7

Monya also has a fantastic decor blog that offers a look inside some of the loveliest homes in South Africa, some of which even include her pieces. I’ve always loved the eclectic look of a Cape Town home, such worldly character and charm. Certainly as beautiful as any of international homes you see online today. The Stokperd blog can be found here, but do visit her Instagram account too.

Stokperd_Eva_Home-17Stokperd_Wade_L-3Stokperd-Nina-+-Sasha-36 Stokperd_Fenner-home-25

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Yesterday we got access to Thom Browne in the studio. Thanks to the New York Times, this series allows us to see what settings different designers work in. I find it particularly interesting as it can show off the designers personality and how that has an effect on their end-product.

The studio, which comprises mostly of marble walls, terrazzo floors and blinds (in grey and white), certainly works as an extension of the brand, Browne even comments that grey is his collection staple.

thom_browne_2 thom_browne_3

From the interview:

I think the tailoring aspect of what I do is very in tune with the way that I live, and my office, and my store, and even my house, because of the uniformity of it, and the rigidity. Especially for women, I love to keep pushing the idea of uniformity, and not so much choice. I think there’s something really refreshing when things don’t change too much.”

Read the full interview here. For more videos like this, check out The New York Times Style section.

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IMG_8779Since ‘good ideas don’t keep business hours’ it’s no surprise Michael Chandler keeps his ideas locked down on paper. The notebook collector recently joined up with Mr Price Home to design a capsule collection,  and since I think both are doing wonderful things for decor I asked him to share a few images from his prized notebooks. His signature drawing style was of course a major player in designing his pieces for the collection, but you can see for yourself by watching the video below.

Click here to view the available pieces from the collaboration and here to visit Chandler House.

IMG_8810 2 January 840

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psPaul Smith teamed up with Anglepoise to reinvent the classic 1930s Type75 table lamp. The limited edition piece combines the unmistakable form and function of an Anglepoise lamp with the Britain’s most famous signature (that of Sir Paul Smith) and features fun opposing retro colour pieces. Perfect for most decor styling, I myself would love to have this lamp.

If you have to have it, email to be notified when the lamp is available.



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Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0874_a4Cities, like people, have their own style. We gravitate towards the ones we resonate most with. We travel and collect pieces that will gradually build a well-rounded home.  If you can evoke the feeling of Majorca in your décor in say, Johannesburg, then why not shop a city at a home retailer?

The Esprit home Collection 2014 offers something rather special. “Inspired by the pulse of life from around the world” this collection sees influence from various cities and brings it into your home. More awesome is that Cape Town (and Stockholm) will follow the current season featuring Buenos Aires and Palma de Mallorca. But what makes this Cape Town? The farm-style table, the vibrant colours, prints or the eclectic balance, perhaps? You decide. The Esprit home Collection 2014: Cape Town launches in August.

Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0126_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0289_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0417_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0450_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0587_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0800_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0850_a4Via

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frontPage Charlotte Kingsnorth is an industrial designer based in London. Her, I guess re-purposed furniture (for lack of better wording), is fantastic. Taking structured frames and angles and giving it the illusion of a blob sliding off was not only well executed but rather genius. These ‘fleshy biomorphic’ forms, as she calls them, are certainly helping push boundaries and the expectation of what modern furniture should look like. The green upholstered foam chairs are my favourite and I could certainly see the tan velvet and sheet latex in a studio space, it was inspired by the bond between a person and their sofa, disturbing and yet beautiful.

See her website here for more.

charlotte charlotte2 4

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