Here is a fun and easy way to show you how to wear double denim. Six years ago, on my 24th birthday, I wore this cranberry Paul Smith jumper. It was my favourite item hands down. Sadly we can’t wear the same thing over and over again without it losing its allure. I bring it out on cold days from time to time and it always keeps me feeling good. I use this as the main player in the ensemble, it brings all the focus to itself and allows the denim to sit well together. Then I threw on some tan leather veldskoene to go with the jumper. Not an overly dramatic look, but another example of how you can wear double denim comfortably. The jeans are GAP 1969 Skinny jeans. They are probably my favourite pair of raw denim I’ve ever owned. So comfortable and they haven’t lost their colour in all the months I’ve worn them.


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MARCORIEKSTINS1 A lot of people have asked me how to wear double denim over the years. Up until recently I had pretty much worn my share of denim shirting, as for the lower half I probably own 30 pairs, but a denim jacket? Never. I got myself a denim jacket to challenge myself since this isn’t ordinarily what I would wear. This made me decide to do a three-parter on how to wear double denim, hopefully they help a little in showing how you could do it too.

For this I threw together a very similar palate of blues, but the shades allow it to look un-contrived (hopefully). The fold-up on both the jeans and the jacket work to separate the blues, the white brings the eye down and connects with these blues and helps the tones work cohesively. For a more commercial take, there’s no reason you can’t wear a more colourful or patterned shirt underneath, and with a thinner denim jacket you could even layer it under a leather jacket.  The jeans are 1969 skinny jeans from Gap and fit super well. My trick to wearing skinny jeans so that you don’t look like you’re trying too hard is to go up a size or two, this way you retain the style without comprising your groin or dignity. Click the image for a closer look.

For more style concerns, email marco @ or comment below and watch this space for more!

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GAPMore outfit posts they asked. More outfit posts they’ll get. Here is a quick look that I have found myself wearing lately. It’s in response to a reader who asked me how to wear lot’s of blue together. Especially dark blues. The trick I find is to allow the blues to blend. Here I wore a multi-check shirt to neutralize it slightly, but the cardigan brings in an element of red that ties in with the shirt, as do the shoes. Even the roll-up of the jeans act as a neutralizer so the blues don’t take over the whole look. It breaks it up.

As for the items: the favourite is hard to choose but it is likely the Gap check shirt I bought in New York, along with the New Balance 574’s I have worn to death, despite buying ten other pairs of shoes so I wouldn’t. The Comme des Garçon cardigan and the tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarers (Sunglass Hut) are old favourites, but the jeans are new-new and come from Gap here in Jozi. I bought them in a relaxed fit because apparently I like to be comfortable these days. Something I realized recently: I never tuck my shirts in anymore. And I used to, everyday. Bizarre.

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tf2Tom Ford’s Project Uprade for GQ magazine is the best thing I’ve seen for a while. The master of the menswear universe has lent his talents to the young-and-aspiring and made them over. Of course it helps that a) the boys chosen were ridiculously good looking, and b) they’re all wearing Tom Ford. From grooming to dressing for the job you want rather than for the one you have, Tom Ford and Jim Moore cover it all. You can watch all the video’s over at GQ here, or on Youtube. Great stuff, really. It’s always astonishing to see the potential of a person once they have the right help. Would you like the Tom Ford treatment? Even I wouldn’t say no.  tf1 tf39

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1“Taking care of yourself is a show of respect to those around you” says Tom Ford. The undisputed name in male glamour and sophistication, as I’m sure you know, also has a beauty range for men. His skincare and grooming products aim to balance imperfections and achieve a polished look. Who can argue with the man? See the video below.


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I used to battle with sunglasses because of my oval shaped head. I would often wear a pair even if it did nothing for my face. Later I learned that there are two styles that will always suit me personally (aviators and wayfarers). I stumbled on the Sunglass Hut website and found their face-shape browser to be quite helpful and thought it would be good to share. I say give it a go for yourself, you may even find a pair you love that you didn’t think would look great.

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They said it was cold in Johannesburg, but isn’t it cold everywhere in winter? What they didn’t prepare me for was a total shock to my system. Capetownians are familiar with a cold, wet winter that is not ideal but at the very basis, bearable. Colder still would be European winters where there is snow involved, but Johannesburg offers a different sort of winter.  It’s dry because Johannesburg is located at high altitude, at some 1,753 meters above sea level. What’s worse is winter already plays havoc on our bodies and in addition to this keeping warm with heaters dry you skin further. Even long, hot showers/ baths break down the lipid barriers in your skin. So how does it affect a man? Well for one he is probably not looking after his skin to begin with.

I experienced some harsh changes within the first week of moving to Johannesburg. Sinuses, cracked lips, a very, very dry face, nosebleeds and of course a month of the man-flu. It was clear that the moisture in the air in Cape Town had not travelled with me and I was now faced with the task of fixing this problem. Let’s explore the options that I utilized.

It goes without saying that skin lacking moisture then requires moisture. So pick up a product to your liking and requirements. Personally I am not a fan of itchy, dry skin so I immediately opted for Nivea’s Intensive Moisturizing body lotion and applied it two to three times a day until my skin felt more or less normal. Even my body-wash was replaced with one with the same intensive qualities. It is important to toss any soap bars because they are particularly good at sucking out moisture in your skin. When taking a (warm not hot) bath add a few drop of almond oil which helps (among many other things) to combat dry and itchy skin. This being my most important discovery that I’ll come back to in a minute.

It is very important that in conjunction with providing moisture on the outside, you also mirror that on the inside. The recommended amount is roughly 8 glasses of water per day so I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. An odd but no less successful tip I picked up was to massage my skin with a mixture of butter (organic unsalted butter) and a pinch of turmeric and a little bit of greek yogurt. Once a week will suffice if you leave it on for roughly 30 minutes before washing off.

While we have covered the obvious things your skin requires after adjusting to a harsh change in climate, I wanted to add something that I only recently discovered as a result of my skin drying. I haven’t made the full move towards an all-organic lifestyle but I am trying to slowly incorporate it into my life. My mother has been telling me about the advantages of olive oil as a moisturizer for years. It wasn’t until a friend from New York recommended I try a brand called Yüli that deal with oils and serums as alternative to moisturizing, that I paid attention. I ordered their Liquid Courage and a few other oils and utilized them immediately.

Liquid Courage in particular is a serum powerhouse that uses over 18 essential key actives that work like a nutrient cocktail of potent antioxidants to fight free radicals, environmental stress inducers, and fatigue to restore and improve skin quality. These oils may look like work but I assure you the three step process takes less three minutes to apply. YÜLI have spent a lot of time addressing the needs of male skin because it is so inherently different to women and yet their products are perfect for either of the sexes. The best news is they ship to South Africa and will be stocked here soon enough too. As I am in my late twenties it is vital that I take proper care of my skin, come summer or winter I hope you’re doing the same!

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This season geek takes a class in cool. With edgy punk influences Van Assche takes staples and mixes them up. Enlarged checks, double belting and soft, long knits tell us the Belgian will join in formalizing the working class but it will be on his terms.

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Got something you need to get off your chest? Time for a little grooming, this week on GQ.
How to trim your chest hair, body hair, grooming, men.
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Q: I have been hearing a lot about “raw denim” lately. Also, I hear you’re never supposed to wash them. How true is this and won’t it eventually smell or become gross?
Graeme, Cape Town

A: Your concern is valid – hygeine is an important factor for any modern man to consider. Luckily we’re a little more conscious of cleanliness than we used to be, plus it’s become socially acceptable for us to look after ourselves.
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On today: It’s that time again, we round up the trends at fashion week. This time it’s all about colour.

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In modern times the modern man needs a modern shoe… see what I mean on this week.
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