You know how people used to ask, If you were stranded on a desert island, what one album would you choose to take with you? Well, first I would ask about electricity and whether or not there’d be access to alcohol, but I’ll play along. There are very few bands I could listen to for the rest of my life without hearing anyone else again. Besides Band of Horses and maybe a classical compilation album, I think I could go for The Paper Kites.


The album was recorded over a six week period, specifically between the hours of 12 and 4am, which is where the name of the album came from. The video for ‘Electric Indigo’, as well as all videos to follow from the album will be shot between these same hours. Naturally the album captures the magic that lives between those hours. This band is the perfect mix of modern nostalgia with an 80s soft rock feel. I can’t get enough of their music. Now with a new album entitled twelvefour, I wanted to share their single ‘Electric Indigo’ which is a favourite of mine off the album. These guys are just so insanely talented. I really hope to see them live soon.

Give it a listen below and let me know what you think. Do you love it?

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AK-Cropped-1024x670With the launch of Apple Music I must say I am more into finding new music than ever before. I discovered Aidan Knight, Canadian crooner, via a Tweet or Facebook post from a prior music feature Merival, and had to download all of his music immediately. I was sold after hearing just half of his new single All Clear.

While it certainly looks like a solo venture, Aidan Knight is actually the namesake and lead singer of the band, made up of four other members who took to the woods a-la Bon Iver to come up with a collection of music. They took this album and returned to Victoria in Canada and after a few months had sculpted an album. That was for the album Small Reveal back in 2012. Today, or more accurately this week, the band are celebrating the release of All Clear’s music video, off what I can only presume is their new LP or forthcoming album.

Watch it and enjoy.

Images from Outside Music.

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17-ryan-adams-1989.w1200.h630Anyone who has checked out the music section of this website will know I love me some indie tunes; but I’m also a Swifty, so when I heard that Ryan Adams recorded the entire 1989 catalog I had to hear it for myself. I got as far as ‘Out of the Woods’ before I decided I had to share it.

It’s surprising that Adams took on the task of reimagining the biggest selling pop album in what, a decade, but I’m glad he did. It’s thoughtful and romantic and means even the three of you who don’t like Taylor Swift can enjoy her music adapted to an entirely different genre. He has found a way to reinterpret an already 80s sounding album and give it this wonderful, tinny and nostalgic presence. It felt like I was hearing an old Bruce Springsteen track. ‘Let me record 1989 like it was Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.’ is precisely what he told Rolling Stone. When I first saw his new album was entitled 1989 I thought it really ballsy. Of course it never occurred to me he’d pull a move like this, but it highlights two things: showcase Taylor Swift for the incredibly talented songwriter she is, and put Ryan Adams in the spotlight for knowing how to sing a god-damn song beautifully.

The album, which was vigorously endorsed by Taylor on social media is available on Apple Music right now. Or sample the tracks on YouTube here.

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So it turns out this South African born singer/songwriter Troye Sivan is amazing. I didn’t read any of the Spud books and the movies never appealed to me either, but when I saw Taylor Swift give him love in Twitter I thought to check out his music. With just under 3 million followers on Instagram I guess you already know who he is. He’s tight with Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne and he’s even modelled Saint Laurent. I really need to get online more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.03.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.02.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.59.48 PM

His latest single ‘Wild’ has a new video in which we see the brewing of young love. It’s quite fantastic to see extremely talented people living authentic and open lives while enjoying huge success. It makes it a great time to be whoever you want to be.

See the video below:

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g-star-raw-amsterdam-netherlands-dutch-episode-collaboration-musician-malaysian-yuna-zarai-2013-2014-fall-autumn-winter-womens-looks-head-scarf-denim-jeans-04xIt’s a rainy Saturday morning and as I drink my coffee I find myself bopping in tune with the music playing on my laptop. It’s suddenly obvious I should share this with you. Her name is Yuna, a Malaysian singer-songwriter with such an easy and enjoyable sound. You may already know her but it wasn’t until last week, as a dinner party wound-down to a YouTube have-you-seen-this session, that I was introduced to her.

Yuna is hard to pin-point, but sometimes I hear Regina Spector and other times Imogen Heap. Basically, just the kind of slightly off-centre music I like. Here’s my personal favourite, entitled ‘My Favourite Thing’, but you’ll probably enjoy Mountains (which sounds a bit like The XX) as well.

Image from GStar.

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THE-PAPER-KITES-IMG-12New year, new music! I am thrilled to have discovered The Paper Kites and their song Bloom will forever remind me of Christmas 2014 with my family in America. Having taken a good break over the festive season I am ready to get back into the swing of things here on Man of the Cloth. More fashion, more decor and certainly more music is on the way. Watch this space.

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bears-denOh, man. Hailing from London, Bear’s Den looks like your regular-variety-hipster-bearded-band, and well, they are. Except they also deliver a spectacular sound and they are worth sharing. As usual I want the music to speak for itself. See the video’s below.



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Formed in 2005, American indie rock band War on Drugs continue to deliver awesome music well into this decade, with four albums under their belt. Their latest offering, entitled Lost in the Dream, delivers more nostalgic melancholy, and is  available on iTunes right now. For now, sample the track Red Eyes. Enjoy.

Thanks to Jean-Phillip for turning me on to them and to this site for the image.

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Dan_Croll-from-nowhere-cover_800Dan Croll is someone you probably haven’t heard of before, but you should. Although the British singer is pursuing his solo career now, he was not so long ago recording with Ladysmith Black Mumbazo here in South Africa. From his debut album ‘Sweet Disarray’,  comes this single ‘From Nowhere’, which features a rad video of a staring contest. Check it out below.

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calexico-algiers-600Algiers‘ the seventh album from Indie-Rock band Calexico was a wonderful weekend discovery. The seven-piece band feels to me like a glorious mix of Bob Dylan and The Shins, but there’s another influence I can’t put my finger on. Joey Burns fronts the band (he alone plays eight instruments), with John ConvertinoPaul NiehausJacob ValenzuelaMartin Wenk and Volker Zander.

I love finding acts that are not mainstream (for obvious reasons) but to see that they have been around for almost 20 years makes me sad. I think the Arizona based band has something special to offer. That said, Ellen DeGenerous recently had Band of Horses on her show to play and a little piece of me felt like I may loose my favorite band to the radio. Something happens to the sound once a band gets popular. For instance I loved John Mayer‘s first two records and it lost something for me after that. Anyway I digress. Listen to Fortune Teller below.

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Screen-shot-2013-11-04-at-12.15.57-PMSZA is going to be famous really soon. If I could have my way she would continue to have great, slightly raw material on the underground scene, I fear her sound would become too mainstream.  I have her EP on repeat at the moment and my favourite track is Aftermath, “Doubt I’ll ever be anyone’s baby, living as a unicorn gets so lonely”. The St. Louis born, New Jersey raised singer/songwriter is the perfect mix of R&B and electronic for a new age of listeners. Can’t quite place SZA but I think she’s incredible. Jump over to her Soundcloud to give her a listen.

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335723_10151670599795420_1307871944_oI am constantly surprised by people, so I was delighted to discover Lauren Fowler, a Cape Town blogger and artist has some mighty nice pipes too! She accompanied Joshua Grierson for the awesome, heavy and raw song ‘This Town’ written by Grierson about the separate paths of two brothers from a small town. Really magnificent video courtesy of Cheap Seats. Take a look.

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