Robyn: To my mind The Swinton can do no wrong. And at the Venice Film Festival this past week, she has continued in her winning style ways. Minimalist, interesting, true to herself and so very elegant. I just think that it is flawless. And she is a ginger. That’s a fashion bonus not a handicap, peeps, contrary to popular opinion.
Marco: Swinton is the first lady of androgyny. Wait, is that right? Either way she has managed to take her long, lanky, awkward looks and turned them into something beautiful. It just shows what difference a couture gown can make when you pair it with a pretty English accent. 

Marco: For a cover (October issue of GQ) this a pretty basic look but he pulls it off with such ease. Besides, how can you fault a man who is both a party liaison and an X-man at same time? Not to mention he married Scarlett Johannson and that right there is a finished sentence.
Robyn: I know it’s got to be about the clothes. Not the incredible old-fashioned gorgeousness of the guy involved. Now as I attempt not to drool, let me say that I love the crumpled shirt look, with the rolled up sleeve. Very manly and ‘bring home the bacon’. I also adore a flat front trouser on a dude of some heft. But I am going to vote out that tie. Just too Post Office circa 1997 for my taste. And that pesky wedding ring.