Robyn: I worship this Dame. In her 60s, as sexy as hell and impeccably dressed. A class act as they would say. I particularly like the clean line maxi skirt and gold belt combo which is very, very contemporary, without losing any dignity. The plunge of the lurex top is decorous and yet festive and age-appropriate. Seriously. How could this be better?
Marco: Well you have said it all haven’t you? She embodies all that is class and sophistication while looking quite hot indeed. Just imagine the glitz and fun we could have with the real queen. Probably minus the plunging neckline, of course.

Marco: I could have chosen a ‘No Doubt’-er or Ryan Gosling again but this boy really stood out for me. For those of you googling his name, he’s on Glee. I just love the fit of this suit, the sharp lapel, the simple bow-tie and the fact that he combined it with those shoes! It’s precisely what I would have done. Even if you end up saying they look like bowling shoes Robyn I don’t care, because it’s a lovely look.
Robyn: Oh relax, dear, I love the shoes of course. They are a classic and I adore the way they are worn in and he may have actually been hoofing in them for years. What a treat. The suit and bow tie is good too. It’s just that this strange wee chap looks a bit sweaty. Like a good shower and eyebrow wax wouldn’t go amiss. Just saying.