David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-01 The new images for H&M Bodywear by David Beckham 2014 are in. The footballer is this time running about in his jocks with an industrial background because, well, who knows. It also introduces Becks’ newest tattoo that runs down his side.The campaign also features a short film directed Nicolas Winding Refn. You may know Refn for a little film he made called Drive with Ryan Gosling. Beckham did all his own stunts in the film, as Refn says, “It had to be David”. Since the campaign will only debut during the US Super Bowl on February 2nd 2014, you’ll have to be content with the images and behind the scenes video below, for now.

David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-02 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-03 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-04 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-05 David-Beckham-HM-Spring-2014-06