Look, I’m all about living outside of the box. Who needs restrictions about what you can do with your life, just look at James Franco. Lenny Kravitz went from rockstar to actor with a lot of producing and songwriting in between, and now he’s ventured into the world of design collaboration; not all that surprising since creative people tend to be creative in multiple fields.

His newest endeavour with CB2, aptly named The CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, features a pretty great range of individual pieces of ’70s inspired style, influenced by Kravitz’ extensive travels. Now you may not know this, but Lenny Kravitz founded Kravitz Design in 2003.

Lenny_Kravitz_0 Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Bousaf-Side-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Catru-Pedestal-Table Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Console Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Changes-Rug Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Lola-Table-Lamp Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Topanga-Corner-Bar Lenny-Kravitz-CB2-Kravitz-Design-Collaboration-Ya-Ya-Coffee-Table

For his debut into the design world, the Kravitz Design collection is exactly as he says, “super relaxed, super comfortable… it’s about people hanging out together”, featuring tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, pillows and more. Designed with high-quality materials, which obviously included leather, there is definite synergy between Lenny Kravitz the rockstar and now design collaborator. Other materials include wood and reflective metal to allow for sophistication and bohemian to marry seamlessly.


Shop the CB2 x Kravitz Design collection, some of which even made it into Kravitz’ own home, here. If you have loose change to throw around they also ship to South Africa.