Adam Levine revealed his latest look on ‘The Voice’ this week, trying to out-“do” David Beckham, presumably. While it’s marginally irritating that he actually gets away with it, you do have to wonder, why would you do that? He has a full head of beautiful, healthy hair. Millions of men are losing, or have lost their hair. They are getting technical haircuts to cover up their widows peaks, going for laser therapy, paying thousands for invasive hair transplants or even resorting to getting modern toupées glued to their shiny, naked heads.


Why do men with a full head of hair shave their heads to begin with? Even my brother, who has no thinning or balding compared to the other men in his family, shaved his head willingly for years. I felt it a waste. The kicker is these men always look great with or without hair, and let’s be real, we’re not all Jason Statham. We get to be the Vincent Kartheiser’s of the world, who ironically only looked this way for ‘Mad Men’ for Pete’s sake. See what I did there?


Obviously an uproar ensued on social media regarding Adam’s decision to bare it all, beginning with his co-judges on ‘The Voice’ who give him a hard time, calling him Gandhi and Lex Luther. It’s no wonder bald and balding men face such stigma. I don’t want to get all Oprah about it, but what is a man supposed to do about balding? Sure, some women don’t mind a guy who has lost his hair, but not all of them. Our hyper-sexualised and superficial world has made it impossible for most men to feel good about themselves in the absence of hair. The question is, how important is it in the grander scheme of things, and yet why is it so debilitating for men? Is the value of good looks too high and the emphasis on man’s other great qualities too low?


Images from Huffington Post and The Voice.