I’m not joking when I tell you I spent an entire weekend immersed in the images on this blog. AnAfternoonWith.com is officially my new favorite site and it is filled to the brim with amazing decor by some fascinating folks in New York. Can you imagine getting an intimate showing of your favorite blogger/artist/designer/writers home? We may not be seeing the inside of Tom Ford’s house just yet, but people like Richard Haines here are a good example. The website basically comes into their homes for an afternoon snapping beautiful images of the homeowner(s). Couples, singles, families, it’s all mixed. While I am an obvious fan of fashion I would also say I love the personal style of decor and how your personality can be read by the tables, lamps or artwork you choose for your home. Having just moved to a beautiful home in Parkhurst, Johannesburg I am finding ways to fill it with inspiring ‘stuff’ like you will see in this blog.

As for Richard Haines, he is the famous illustrater/artist/blogger from What I Saw Today, where he draws awesome pictures of models, strangers and runway looks and shares it on his blog. Take a look at his sublet apartment below and make sure to visit An Afternoon With for a dose of inspiration.