Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0874_a4Cities, like people, have their own style. We gravitate towards the ones we resonate most with. We travel and collect pieces that will gradually build a well-rounded home.  If you can evoke the feeling of Majorca in your décor in say, Johannesburg, then why not shop a city at a home retailer?

The Esprit home Collection 2014 offers something rather special. “Inspired by the pulse of life from around the world” this collection sees influence from various cities and brings it into your home. More awesome is that Cape Town (and Stockholm) will follow the current season featuring Buenos Aires and Palma de Mallorca. But what makes this Cape Town? The farm-style table, the vibrant colours, prints or the eclectic balance, perhaps? You decide. The Esprit home Collection 2014: Cape Town launches in August.

Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0126_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0289_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0417_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0450_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0587_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0800_a4 Esprit_2014_Cape_Town_0850_a4Via