Homepolish, a New York based blog which features the interior design work from the company of the same name, offers a tremendous amount of their beautiful and inspiring work from all over the United States. This particular series of images makes up for only one of thousands of jobs Homepolish has taken on. Their affordable by-the-hour service boasts 300+ designers, plus they’ve worked on revamps for Manrepellar HQ and Goop thinks they’re “rad and disruptive”.

This home caught my attention because blue is a fantastic colour and they’ve used it very well. Shot by Claire Esparros, this Brooklyn 3 bedroom home (owned by Ryan and Jenna) is the perfect mix of colourful and quirky and who doesn’t love a turquoise couch? My favourite element of the house though is the hand-embroidered Kanye West tweet. Oh boy, can I live here already?