Now that I finally have my new place I have several open walls. I also have a pretty decent neighborhood with plenty of nearby stores that seem too close to drive. It occurred to me that perhaps I should look into getting myself a bicycle. While I haven’t yet decided what kind of bike to get (I had a mountain bike as a kid but somehow it isn’t quite the look I’m after now) I do know that there are options in terms of storage.

I always liked the idea of mounting a bike to your apartment wall, as is common in New York City because the apartments are quite small on average. I have even considered this fantastic vintage green bike I found in an vintage store to mount as an art piece (for lack of better wording). Then I came across The Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw. See the site here or email the designer Chris Bigham here if you have something else in mind. He even said, “If you have any project that you’ve been thinking about but don’t know how to go about building it or don’t have the tools to do so, I would like to help”. Great stuff.

I love books and a bookshelf that doubles as a bike rack is okay by me.

From The Pursuit Aesthetic