GAPMore outfit posts they asked. More outfit posts they’ll get. Here is a quick look that I have found myself wearing lately. It’s in response to a reader who asked me how to wear lot’s of blue together. Especially dark blues. The trick I find is to allow the blues to blend. Here I wore a multi-check shirt to neutralize it slightly, but the cardigan brings in an element of red that ties in with the shirt, as do the shoes. Even the roll-up of the jeans act as a neutralizer so the blues don’t take over the whole look. It breaks it up.

As for the items: the favourite is hard to choose but it is likely the Gap check shirt I bought in New York, along with the New Balance 574’s I have worn to death, despite buying ten other pairs of shoes so I wouldn’t. The Comme des Garçon cardigan and the tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarers (Sunglass Hut) are old favourites, but the jeans are new-new and come from Gap here in Jozi. I bought them in a relaxed fit because apparently I like to be comfortable these days. Something I realized recently: I never tuck my shirts in anymore. And I used to, everyday. Bizarre.

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