South African Menswear Week is here. No, really. Three days of solid menswear will feature the likes of those designers we expect to see (Craig Port, CSquared..), but lots of newcomers like Chu Suwannapha, crowd-pleasers like Ruald Rheeder and even Swahili Fashion Week exports.

South African Menswear Week will launch on Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th February 2015 and features the collections of over 25 leading menswear designers in Africa. They plan on having this become a biannual event, with February and July showcasing the Autumn/Winter (AW15) and Spring/Summer (SS15) collections respectively. Having our own menswear week was created to celebrate the creative and commercial importance of South Africa and Africa’s menswear industry. More importantly, South African Menswear Week will work alongside the designers to develop business and profiling opportunities, according to their release, helping African talent to build brands and labels, increase exposure, which supports sales and assists in expanding business by creating job employment. I sincerely hope they are able to see success from this venture, but also to have our hungry fashion-crazed male audience attend and support the brands. Will you?

See who is showing here.