One of the best things about the internet is growing access to people you would otherwise never see. Aren’t we all voyeurs in some way, don’t some of you watch trashy reality shows about people who are just famous for being famous? It doesn’t have to be based on entertainment though, social media offers a variety of platforms with which to hear about and see the on-goings of every kind of person you could be interested in. I personally like to follow a few celebrities and models to see just how normal they are. Others are just nice to look at.

I’ve scoured the feeds and come up with 5 models to follow on Instagram today. It’s a real tour around the globe, too.


1. Dimitris Alexandrou, Greece

Why? He loves animals and cares about the environment.

Where? Instagram

Dimitris_alexandrou Dimitris_alexandrou_1 Dimitris_alexandrou_2


2. Alvaro Nates, Colombia 

Why? He’s fresh, quirky and cleans up nice. He’s also a skilled photographer.

Where?: Instagram and his website

alvaro_nates alvaro_nates_2alvaro_nates_1


3. Chad White, America 

Why? He’s the all-American boy and a legend in the modelling industry. His best friend is his rescue dog, which he named Batman.

Where? Instagram

chad_white chad_white_1 Chad_white_2


4. Stephen James, Great Britain

Why? He’s covered in tattoos, one of which is Salvador Dalì. He likes the odd gym selfie. And he looks great in clothes too.

Where? Instagram
stephen_james stephen_james_1 Stephen_james_2



5. Ben Dahlhaus, Sweden

Why? He’s the modeling world’s answer to Brad Pitt circa 1994, with a beard. He likes to take arty photos in nature. Also see Brock O’Hurn.

Where: Instagram

Ben Dahlhaus 1 Ben Dahlhaus 3Ben Dahlhaus 2