Dolce and Gabbana have for always been true purveyors of masculinity and beauty. They make beautiful clothing so it makes perfect sense to in turn dress beautiful people in their clothing. If you follow Stefano Gabbana on twitter what you will often experience is a twitpic of a half-naked model preparing for a show or a shoot. He loves to share these. These gentleman are also clever to market their brand with many of the same models from one campaign to the next.

“A snapshot of mankind” reads their press release. A little bit of a stretch considering there aren’t many of us that wake up looking like David Gandy every day. But okay, we’ll bite. Dolce & Gabbana have decided that after all the years of surrounding themselves with the worlds most beautiful, it was time to bind them together and prop it on the coffee table of thousands of admirers and followers of the brand.
While many of the models are famous in their own way for various shows and campaigns it was Tony Ward that was given the privilege of his own section of the book. He is after all an icon of the 80s and 90s. They had this to say of him:

“Tony’s charm is almost primitive. He shows himself to and plays with the camera without filters. The result is a series of images which are drenched in sensuality and eroticism, thanks to the eloquence of a face and a body whose charm stands, unadulterated, the test of time.”

Starring models including André Ziehe, AJ Abualrub, Antonio Navas, Andres Velencoso Segura, Chris Folz, Chris Garavaglia, Clint Mauro, Eduardo Oliver, Julien Quevenne, Miguel Iglesias, Sam Saffman and Tom Warren, the book is available now from Dolce & Gabbana stores.