AK-Cropped-1024x670With the launch of Apple Music I must say I am more into finding new music than ever before. I discovered Aidan Knight, Canadian crooner, via a Tweet or Facebook post from a prior music feature Merival, and had to download all of his music immediately. I was sold after hearing just half of his new single All Clear.

While it certainly looks like a solo venture, Aidan Knight is actually the namesake and lead singer of the band, made up of four other members who took to the woods a-la Bon Iver to come up with a collection of music. They took this album and returned to Victoria in Canada and after a few months had sculpted an album. That was for the album Small Reveal back in 2012. Today, or more accurately this week, the band are celebrating the release of All Clear’s music video, off what I can only presume is their new LP or forthcoming album.

Watch it and enjoy.

Images from Outside Music.