calexico-algiers-600Algiers‘ the seventh album from Indie-Rock band Calexico was a wonderful weekend discovery. The seven-piece band feels to me like a glorious mix of Bob Dylan and The Shins, but there’s another influence I can’t put my finger on. Joey Burns fronts the band (he alone plays eight instruments), with John ConvertinoPaul NiehausJacob ValenzuelaMartin Wenk and Volker Zander.

I love finding acts that are not mainstream (for obvious reasons) but to see that they have been around for almost 20 years makes me sad. I think the Arizona based band has something special to offer. That said, Ellen DeGenerous recently had Band of Horses on her show to play and a little piece of me felt like I may loose my favorite band to the radio. Something happens to the sound once a band gets popular. For instance I loved John Mayer‘s first two records and it lost something for me after that. Anyway I digress. Listen to Fortune Teller below.