g-star-raw-amsterdam-netherlands-dutch-episode-collaboration-musician-malaysian-yuna-zarai-2013-2014-fall-autumn-winter-womens-looks-head-scarf-denim-jeans-04xIt’s a rainy Saturday morning and as I drink my coffee I find myself bopping in tune with the music playing on my laptop. It’s suddenly obvious I should share this with you. Her name is Yuna, a Malaysian singer-songwriter with such an easy and enjoyable sound. You may already know her but it wasn’t until last week, as a dinner party wound-down to a YouTube have-you-seen-this session, that I was introduced to her.

Yuna is hard to pin-point, but sometimes I hear Regina Spector and other times Imogen Heap. Basically, just the kind of slightly off-centre music I like. Here’s my personal favourite, entitled ‘My Favourite Thing’, but you’ll probably enjoy Mountains (which sounds a bit like The XX) as well.

Image from GStar.