17-ryan-adams-1989.w1200.h630Anyone who has checked out the music section of this website will know I love me some indie tunes; but I’m also a Swifty, so when I heard that Ryan Adams recorded the entire 1989 catalog I had to hear it for myself. I got as far as ‘Out of the Woods’ before I decided I had to share it.

It’s surprising that Adams took on the task of reimagining the biggest selling pop album in what, a decade, but I’m glad he did. It’s thoughtful and romantic and means even the three of you who don’t like Taylor Swift can enjoy her music adapted to an entirely different genre. He has found a way to reinterpret an already 80s sounding album and give it this wonderful, tinny and nostalgic presence. It felt like I was hearing an old Bruce Springsteen track. ‘Let me record 1989 like it was Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.’ is precisely what he told Rolling Stone. When I first saw his new album was entitled 1989 I thought it really ballsy. Of course it never occurred to me he’d pull a move like this, but it highlights two things: showcase Taylor Swift for the incredibly talented songwriter she is, and put Ryan Adams in the spotlight for knowing how to sing a god-damn song beautifully.

The album, which was vigorously endorsed by Taylor on social media is available on Apple Music right now. Or sample the tracks on YouTube here.