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Sir Paul Smith is one of the world’s top designers and as testament to his success the London Design Museum has recently opened an exhibition in his honour, entitled “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.” This exhibition acts as a tribute to Sir Paul’s 40 year contribution as one of Britain’s most commercially successful and celebrated designers. This acts as both a retrospective as well as a glimpse of what is still to come. The curators of the museum went to great lengths to produce an exhibition that highlights this.

A full-scale replica of his first 3M X 3M store – which opened in Nottingham in 1970 – was built to illustrate Smiths journey from humble beginnings and another replica, his present day office, highlight his rise to global recognition. Additionally the exhibition features previous collections from Sir Paul’s immense archive, a Smith narrated digital immersed experience as well as voluminous amounts of print imagery. The “Hello My Name is Paul Smith” exhibition at the London Design Museum runs until 09 March 2014.

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