Hennes & Mauritz AB, the retail giant you may be more familiar with as H&M, launched an eight-piece capsule collection by 24 year old Ximon Lee this week. The New York based designer and graduate of The New School’s Parsons School of Design was announced as the first menswear designer to win H&M’s annual design award.

With high fashion leaning further and further into gender-neutral territory it makes sense that Lee’s line, which is available online and in-stores from 22 October, be celebrated for whichever sex you happen to be. He told WWD, “When I started working on the collection with them, they were very open to my opinions. I’m very particular in terms of the color, the material and even when it comes to snaps and zippers, I didn’t want to sacrifice any ideas that I began with. The production went really smoothly,”. His collection is made up of heavily exaggerated shapes and bonded fabric to create wearable versions of this usual work which incorporates material like plastic and cardboard.


No word on whether or not Ximon Lee for H&M will be available from the South African H&M which launches in November in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

First image from Ximon’s Spring 2016 range. Second image from his Instagram account.

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adidasfuturecraftledeMeet Futurecraft, the new adidas 3D printed sneakers you’re definitely going to want for yourself. This week adidas unveiled their latest endeavour into sneaker technology by “creating a flexible, fully breathable carbon copy of the athlete’s own footprint, matching exact contours and pressure points…” no doubt setting an athlete up for the optimal shoe with which to run. It comes down to time, of course; it won’t be long before footscan technologies can be utilised in-store to create your perfect midsole for your running shoes.

From adidas: “Futurecraft 3D is a prototype and a statement of intent. We have used a one-of-its-kind combination of process and material in an entirely new way. Our 3D-printed midsole not only allows us to make a great running shoe, but also to use performance data to drive truly bespoke experiences, meeting the needs of any athlete.”


Not only do these sneakers look great, but the production of the adidas Futurecraft is just so damn cool. Watch the video to see what I mean. What do you think?

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When I started decorating my first adult apartment three years ago I wasn’t necessarily earning adult money yet. I took to second-hand stores, charity shops and Gumtree to source vintage furniture that I could clean up. Don’t undertake the task of restoring lightly, it’s hard work. It was a very satisfying experience, but equally satisfying was purchasing some great vintage furniture someone else had cleaned up.

As blogged before, Modernist is a marvellous place to get mostly wooden-based mid-Century furniture in Johannesburg, but if you’re in the Cape, you’d best visit Vamp. This more quirky and colourful store has a fantastic range of vintage furniture at reasonable prices. There weekly newsletter makes me glad I don’t have space in my house though, otherwise I’d probably start to resemble their store, price tags and all.


They have virtually everything you could hope to find, from sideboards to chest of drawers, single chairs or whole sets. The best part of Vamp is they are available online, on their blog as well as Instagram account.

Located at 368c Albert Road, Woodstock in Cape Town. Contact Vamp on 021 448 2755 or info@vampfurniture.co.za.

vamp1Images from Vamp’s blog and online store.

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Early this year it was said that Concepts’ collaboration with Diadora would produce only 25 pairs that would be reserved for friends and family. Now the sneakers are rumoured to have a release on its way tomorrow, at least that’s what Concepts’ Instagram account suggests.


The money themed sneakers come with premium suede upper inspired by Italy’s 500,000 Lire bank note. I was particularly drawn to the clean The clean color palette features off-white suede accented against dusty tones of green, blue, red and yellow. To further carry the Lire bill theme, the sneakers come with Continuing the Lire theme, each tongue features a Concepts logo mimicking anti-counterfeiting inks that appear on the notes, with insoles lending inspiration from the 500,000 Lire bill, the number of which appears on the side of the shoe. It reminds me of some of the sneaker colour ways from the 80s and 90s, which is probably why I like it so much.

No news on whether it will be available for more than a day, but there’s always eBay, right?



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AK-Cropped-1024x670With the launch of Apple Music I must say I am more into finding new music than ever before. I discovered Aidan Knight, Canadian crooner, via a Tweet or Facebook post from a prior music feature Merival, and had to download all of his music immediately. I was sold after hearing just half of his new single All Clear.

While it certainly looks like a solo venture, Aidan Knight is actually the namesake and lead singer of the band, made up of four other members who took to the woods a-la Bon Iver to come up with a collection of music. They took this album and returned to Victoria in Canada and after a few months had sculpted an album. That was for the album Small Reveal back in 2012. Today, or more accurately this week, the band are celebrating the release of All Clear’s music video, off what I can only presume is their new LP or forthcoming album.

Watch it and enjoy.

Images from Outside Music.

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Kris Haigh, the designer of New York based hat label 1K is one of those men who lives their brand. Originally from Halifax in the UK, Haigh now works as Director of Men’s Concept at JCPenney while heading up his own endeavours into the hat industry.

Set against the backdrop of New York City (which alone is cause for following Haigh), his Instagram account boasts 55k+ followers, and offers a look into the life of a trendy, quirky and, well, kind-of-ridiculously-good-looking designer.

A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

  A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

A photo posted by kris_haigh (@kris_haigh) on

He also has the chops for designing head gear. Personally I used to stay avoid caps because someone warned me the lack of air and the added pressure on your head encourages your hair to fall out; that was enough to put me off for ten years. Today however, with a far more casual approach to my dress-sense, I think this would not only serve well as an accessory, but simply too. By checking out Kris’ Instagram you’ll see how he so subtly weaves his hats into mostly two-toned palettes, but basic application. That simplicity speaks volumes of his taste factor and I enjoy his aesthetic very much.

1KNY_Model_Web_03 1KNY_Model_Web_04 1KNY_Model_Web_07 1KNY_Model_Web_08 denim silver

Check out Kris Haigh on Instagram (above) and his online store here.

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chateau  gudanes  3How is this for a fixer-upper? Built in the mid 1700s, Chateau de Gudanes looks like the stuff out of romance novels; the real life story of an Australian family who decided to buy and renovate this property certainly would make a fantastic movie. Designed by Parisian architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, this Class 1 Historic Monument resides in the small village of Chateau-Verdun.

Craig and Karina Waters. Photo by Carla Coulson, at Carla Loves Photography. carlacoulson.com 

The story goes like this: The Chateau was built “on behalf of Louis Gaspard de Sales, Marquis de Gudanes. Gaspard, also known as the “King of the Pyrénées”, was an influential member of the Toulouse Parliament, and ironmaster of the Ariége.” Over many years in the time of the religious wars, Chateau de Gudanes suffered tremendous neglect. Among the many problem areas, the roof collapsed in four places which resulted in severe water damage, mould and destruction. It was said that most of the interior space became rubble due to the ceiling, wall and floor collapse.

While this was happening Craig and Karina Waters were happily going about their lives. Their son discovered the estate online and after four years on the real estate market, and two years negotiating, the Chateau found new owners. Restorations began in November 2013.

The idea is not to create a pretentious museum, as they put it, but rather “a place to visit, reconnect with the earth and people, and restore the senses. It won’t be about overcrowding the walls with paintings or overflowing the floors with furnishings, but will be relatively minimalistic – a place to simply rest, breathe and enjoy the calm.” Can you imagine the weddings they’ll be hosting there? Pretty magical if you ask me.

chateau gudanes 4 chateau gudanes 5What an amazing life experience to have? I’ve always had a fascination with the ruins and remains of once-great places. As a writer I’m obviously very drawn to this idea and perhaps in another life this would make a great chapter in my life.

Chateau+Gudanes+Carla+Coulson-59 feb6 IMG_9965+2

See the video of Chateau de Gudanes below and click here to see their amazing Instagram account.

Craig and Karina Waters. Photo by Carla Coulson, at Carla Loves Photography.

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If you’ve ever tried to assemble an IKEA anything, you’ll understand why this video with Ryan Reynolds brings on the lolz. Since he’s on the cover of GQ this month talking about fame, Deadpool and being a father, it was quite fun that they gave him the task of assembling a crib. Even though in complete jest, it’s quite fun to watch. “IKEA is Swedish for Fuck You” See the video below and read the interview with Zach Baron here. It’s a good one.


rr rr2 rr3 rr4Photographs by for GQ.

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17-ryan-adams-1989.w1200.h630Anyone who has checked out the music section of this website will know I love me some indie tunes; but I’m also a Swifty, so when I heard that Ryan Adams recorded the entire 1989 catalog I had to hear it for myself. I got as far as ‘Out of the Woods’ before I decided I had to share it.

It’s surprising that Adams took on the task of reimagining the biggest selling pop album in what, a decade, but I’m glad he did. It’s thoughtful and romantic and means even the three of you who don’t like Taylor Swift can enjoy her music adapted to an entirely different genre. He has found a way to reinterpret an already 80s sounding album and give it this wonderful, tinny and nostalgic presence. It felt like I was hearing an old Bruce Springsteen track. ‘Let me record 1989 like it was Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.’ is precisely what he told Rolling Stone. When I first saw his new album was entitled 1989 I thought it really ballsy. Of course it never occurred to me he’d pull a move like this, but it highlights two things: showcase Taylor Swift for the incredibly talented songwriter she is, and put Ryan Adams in the spotlight for knowing how to sing a god-damn song beautifully.

The album, which was vigorously endorsed by Taylor on social media is available on Apple Music right now. Or sample the tracks on YouTube here.

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There’s that David Gandy in his underpants again. Additional pieces to the David Gandy for Autograph collection from M&S (that’s Marks & Spencer for those of you in America) have just been released. The latest pieces we’ve seen from David Gandy for Marks & Spencer really is the perfect compliment to both brand and the face of the brand; the personification of masculinity meets elegance. Talk about living the brand.

Modelled of course by David, these photographs (snapped by the incomparable Mario Vivanco) indicate the new direction taken by Marks & Spencer in their partnership with the British Supermodel. They are sophisticated, classic and are no doubt on my wish list. Who doesn’t want herringbone underwear?

Look forward to loungewear, sweat pants and sweatshirts, in addition to full pyjama sets and who knows, maybe even another swimwear extension to follow.

Click here to see the existing range of David Gandy for Marks & Spencer.

David-Gandy-pants-03-GQ-17Sep15_b_1445x878 David-Gandy-pants-01-GQ-17Sep15_b_1445x878David-Gandy-pants-hp-GQ-17Sep15_b_1445x878

via http://GQ-Magazine.co.uk

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So it turns out this South African born singer/songwriter Troye Sivan is amazing. I didn’t read any of the Spud books and the movies never appealed to me either, but when I saw Taylor Swift give him love in Twitter I thought to check out his music. With just under 3 million followers on Instagram I guess you already know who he is. He’s tight with Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne and he’s even modelled Saint Laurent. I really need to get online more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.03.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.02.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.59.48 PM

His latest single ‘Wild’ has a new video in which we see the brewing of young love. It’s quite fantastic to see extremely talented people living authentic and open lives while enjoying huge success. It makes it a great time to be whoever you want to be.

See the video below:

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Stokperd-Forever-Headboard-6Stokperd is a custom furniture store from Cape Town. Owned by Monya Eastman, each piece comes with its own name and story. Not only does Eastman offer beautifully made furniture, you can take those ideas of your ideal coffee table or shelf and get them to make it a reality in, 9 types of wood. From headboards to quirky side tables, retro cabinetry and desks, Stokperd really has a marvellous selection to choose from.

Visit the Stokperd online shop here to view recent projects and to make contact.

stokperd Stokperd_Fourie_SideTable11 Stokperd_Peggy-Oak_white-door-2 Stokperd_Peggy-Oak_white-door-7

Monya also has a fantastic decor blog that offers a look inside some of the loveliest homes in South Africa, some of which even include her pieces. I’ve always loved the eclectic look of a Cape Town home, such worldly character and charm. Certainly as beautiful as any of international homes you see online today. The Stokperd blog can be found here, but do visit her Instagram account too.

Stokperd_Eva_Home-17Stokperd_Wade_L-3Stokperd-Nina-+-Sasha-36 Stokperd_Fenner-home-25

All images from Stokperd.com

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