You’ve heard people say, anyone who’s anyone was there, and although it is ridiculously pretentious it happened to be true, bar a few pregnant fashion editors last night. Gaschette magazine launched at The Street in Greenside, Jhb and because it was a come-one-come-all kind of event I wasn’t expecting such an enormous turn out (even the drag artist who played GaGa in Die Antwoord’s video for Fatty Boom Boom was in attendance). This is not surprising, considering how Jessica Lupton (below, wearing Avant) is fashion’s sweetheart, along with her Gaschette co-editors Colin O’Mara Davis and Steve Marais. The three of them carry a hefty arsenal of industry greats and new followers. Call it nepotism if you like, but together these young creatives are making lists and taking names. I was of course very happy to be involved in issue 1 and will be contributing regularly to the WTVR initiative.

Later Colin spun a few 90s pop tracks in-between his (fantastic) set at the after-party at Bob Rocks. We didn’t plan on staying all night but you know, these things happen. While it’s all good to have a get-together with industry folk and meet some new ones, it was special to witness something great being born. Gaschette is not just about cool, hipstery editorials or catch-phrases (although they have a couple good ones), it’s about creating together, free of ego or assumed hierarchy and playing with fashion instead of taking it so damn seriously. Read, share, submit.