No stranger to coolness, Bree street has adopted yet another fashion store in the form of LOOM. We already love our Jozi version so it was about time that Cape Town got access to a host of international cult brands too. Menswear struggles in general but the niche market that Anthony Keyworth has tapped into will surely survive in Cape Town. After all, Bree street is where “card carrying hipsters” migrate. Owned and run by Loom de Nimes, the company that we can thank for Paul Smith (their neighbors in Bree street too), have come up with another great looking store, better than even their Johannesburg store in my opinion. The colours are awesome and the merchandising superb (Paul O ‘Donnell is a genius– I can say that because I worked with him). Keyworth collaborated with Tonic designs on this one.

Check it out if you’re fans of APC, Commes des Garcon, SUPER sunglasses and sneakers in their most limited edition and collaborated forms.