I heard about Luella launching a new line of mens shoes under their VIP label. Naturally I investigated their selection and I was very impressed. From tan suede chelsea boots to leather or canvas loafers and even combat boots their selection is varied enough to suit most tastes. The blue suede shoes below caught my immediate fancy though. I realized soon after I walked out with them that I have a history with blue shoes, but these were suede, how great is that? Since I’ve worn them I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, in fact when I wore them tonight with this outfit of a fitted blue blazer and check shirt and paired them with some floral blue socks, people assumed they were way more expensive. I love telling them it was under R1000.

Then of course I had to go back and get myself another pair, thinking they were black because I don’t have much of anything in black, and what do you know, more blue, just darker. Do you know why these shoes are so great ? Well, (besides the obvious price advantage) the soles aren’t chunky. So many local shoe manufacturers get the top part right and add this horrible thick sole that just looks clunky and dated. Plus, they’re super comfortable. Check out their range and let me know what you think. Follow this link to see some of their new stock.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers from Sunglass Hut.