You may know by now that I am an obsessive statement-shoe collector. My first ‘out there’ shoe was a pair of olive green brogues which I have mentioned too many times. From there my love affair expanded and my threshold, so to speak, for more animated shoes got stronger. I whole heartedly believe you can wear a crazy, loud, over-the-top shoe of your choosing if you dress the rest appropriately.

Then I stumbled on a new concept; take a regular shoe and paint the soles a bright colour. Genius really, don’t know why I didn’t know of it. Naturally a whole bunch of designers caught on this trend early and the above shoes are just a portion of what is available.
It really does make you wonder why it’s even a ‘trend’ at all. Shouldn’t we have done this ages ago? It makes perfect sense to differ the colour of a more formal shoe somewhere. It makes for an interesting change though, doesn’t it? Mark McNairy hit the nail on the head though on this trend with a collection of shoes I could only hope would walk into my cupboard some day. Every one of these shoes are fantastic and further take a more conventional look to another place. A better place!
Would you wear these?