4e929ef048166cbb4d4a7c021475856cIf I told you how much shit I get for my beard you wouldn’t believe me. I have always been under the impression that my face just isn’t Gosling enough to go-it bald. God help me the day I lose all my hair. This week the beard has been a recurring topic. First I was advised that it was time to shave it off. I grew it for winter and tried the lumberjack beard but it didn’t work. I may have to trim it down though in all honesty. Still, if I like my beard and it suits me, why should I have to justify it to anyone? I’ve always felt like a twelve-year old Asian girl without a beard…

I opened a Pinterest board for my beard love and it is my most followed board by far. People. Love. Beards. When the media recently noted it as a losing trend that aged you up to 8 years I guffawed at the idea. Pfff. My rugged, bushy companion, how can I part with you?

beardfacepalmThen, something funny happened. I came across an article by Nick Carvell over at GQ, who reported that not only was beard-transplanting a thing, but it was widely done on men. That, and nose-jobs. I repeat: People. Love. Beards. People love beards so bad they are willing to inject hair into the follicles of their naked faces to sprout a more appropriate hirsute appearance. Look at the picture above, he’s face-palming at the idea (or backwards high-five, eh?). What can I say, it has improved the looks of men since the days of Zeus himself.

And then lastly, the clip I discovered entitled ‘Magic Beard’, a stop-animation that proves once and for all the dangers of shaving. I rest my case.